Writing: Relieving? Intimidating? Both?!

For the past few minutes, I have been looking around WordPress.com and trying to get the hang of this website. I looked around the homepage and even looked around other’s blogs. I figured that I might as well get some type of experience maneuvering this website as I intend on posting more than once a year. However, looking around intimidated me as well…


I love to write. I’ve loved to write since I was a young kid. I used to write these terrible short stories about me and my little brothers. As I got older, I kept a journal for awhile, I actually enjoyed email. When I used to get so mad and frustrated at people, I would write them a letter and let my frustrations out. Currently, I am writing a story and I’ve started this blog. (Which no one knows about, but the three people that may actually stumble upon this blog. No one I know even knows I write…) But, when I started investigating around here today, I realized I am an amateur. Everyone on here has such amazing ideas they are displaying, and some of you even share your identities. You people have so much confidence! It’s so intimidating for me!


I know I’ve only posted two blogs including this one, but I never realized the potential of a blog. I love that people share so much on here. I love that other people support each other here. Surfing around on here has inspired me to do more with this blog. I hope to keep a blog when I study abroad, as well as keep adding on to this one. I don’t know if I will ever be confident enough in my writing to expose any part of who I am on here, or tell anyone that I am close to about it, but I hope that there are some readers out there that will read what I am writing and think “Hey, this girl is on to something,” or “I understand and agree with her.” I guess maybe that’s the intimidating part is to have someone reading what I’ve kept in for so long.


Writing can be an outlet of expression for yourself or the world to see. I guess it’s for the writer to choose the reader. And, I’ve chosen you to be the reader. In reality, no one may ever read this, but it is the most I’ve ever done. Most importantly, for me, it’s a step in the “write” direction. (Hahaha, get it?)