Breaking up: It’s confusing and difficult, right?

If there is one thing that every human being has in common is they have felt the feeling of love. Whether it’s deep and passionate and shared with your significant other, or  it’s you’re newly found obsession with your  adorable puppy, everyone feels it in some way or another. And since everyone loves someone or something, it’s reasonable to conclude that everyone deals with heartbreak too? I think so. I know I have. And I am sure you have too. Whether it’s a death of a family member (and/or pets) or just breaking up with your significant other, everyone must feel that wrenching pain in their gut knowing something in life is “over.” 


The reason I am dissecting this issue tonight is because my boyfriend and I recently broke up. It was almost three years and within the blink of an eye, it’s over. And ever since the breakup, things have been really confusing. But, I think I know why….


The other thing that every human has in common is that everyone is different. People may have things in common, but there are no two people that are the exactly the same. So, it is probably safe to say that every individual deals with things differently. Heartbreak is the perfect example. I know that my former (ex just sounds too harsh) boyfriend is dealing with this by keeping it inside. He puts on a happy face that is super convincing to everyone around him. I, on the other hand, am the complete opposite. I fail at strong faces and all I want is to talk to this out to try to organize my feelings. 


Tonight, I saw him at my town’s fair. And he was completely cool with talking to me. All I wanted to do was cry! Maybe it’s because I am a girl; Maybe it’s because I am emotional. Nonetheless, in the end, I had to leave. I didn’t want to walk around and wonder about pointless things. More importantly, I didn’t want to walk around and have people ask me what was wrong, because quite frankly, that ALWAYS makes things worse.


The other key part to this problem is the main issue that former boyfriend are having. Since the breakup, we declared our label as 1.) friends, 2.) friends not seeing anyone else 3.) we are nothing 4.) we’re broken up 5.)we’re working on ourselves 6.) we’re done. Confusing right? Currently, (and finally) we’re just friends and we don’t know what the future will hold. (Which no one does!) All this confusion over losing someone I considered my other half has made me wonder what he is thinking about or saying about me. Most guys talk mad shit about their exes when they are done. But, this guy is different. He is still really nice to me and has only said good things about me. However, my inquiries about what he’s been saying has really pissed him off and he’s lost a lot of respect for me, which I totally understand. I know he is being a gentleman, but like most girls, I have my insecurities. I was wrong for digging and suspecting but I wish he’d understand one thing: Everyone deals with heartbreak in a different way.


So, let’s throw all these pieces of the puzzle and have a little food for thought. Whenever you or anyone is dealing with heartbreak (or anything else, really) remember everyone deals differently. Some of you want to just cry it all out. Some want to keep busy with their friends. Some laugh, some cry, some pretend it’s not happening. Some, like me, get anxiety and think ridiculous thoughts like “Is he talking shit?” (Honestly, why do I even care?) What I am saying is next time you or someone you care about is going through something difficult, just remember they cope different. Respect their techniques (within reason, of course) and try to put yourself in their shoes. And most importantly, be there for them. They might want you there.