Interviews: Are they really a true portrayal of the applicant?

Just a few minutes ago, I got a call from a popular clothing store to set up an interview. As we were setting up a date and time, she let me know that it would be a group interview and there is another person being interviewed as well. That made my nerves just about double. 


Why? I feel like there is one more person judging in me in the room, except he/she is also competing for the same position. It kinda jacks things up a little. When it comes to interviews, I never get extremely nervous because I am not in DIRE need of a job. I am going back to school, so it would be nice to work while I am away, but if it doesn’t work out, it’s not like I won’t be able to pay the bills. Get what I’m saying? 


What I am contemplating is, do interviews truly portray the real perspective of the applicant? Everyone knows when you’re being interviewed as well as filling out applications, that there are generic answers for certain questions. Like, if you’re always late, you’re not going to put that down. So, theoretically, if you are a good actor/actress and you know what to say, you could go in and get the job even if you’re the opposite of what they want.


That my friend, is intimidating.


For me, going into the interview is a little nerve-racking. Because I’m not one that could just talk my way into anything. Sometimes, when I am put on the spot, I get confused and my words come out awkward and funny. I might seem a little disheveled and unprepared, but in reality I’m not. Actually, I am a great worker. Probably because I HATE being bored. I would rather be completely busy at work, then have nothing to do. For me, it makes the time goes faster, plus I am not thinking of the all the things I could be doing. 


It just makes me wonder, how many people there are out there like me? That go into an interview, calm, but get in there and feel… dazed. Confused. Disheveled. On the same token, how many people go in there, completely unqualified or lazy and breeze there way through the interview because they knew what to say. Seriously though, are interviews a good way of seeing the potential of a future worker? Or is it just a game, and you hope the employer chooses the right applicant?