Turning a New Leaf

Hey People!


Tonight I am writing just because I am in a great mood. Lately, I’ve been down because my boyfriend and I broke up and he’s been extremely mean to me. He was always so nice and respectful, but some true colors have been shown since the break-up. (Which was mutual.) And I’ve been doing some serious hurting.


However, the other day I deleted him off Facebook. It was scary in a way because I wouldn’t be able to creep. But, I knew that everything he was posting was going to make it worse. Then today, I deactivated my account. Why did I need it? I am going through a time where I am concentrating solely on my life and myself. And he and the rest of my Facebook friends didn’t need to be in it. 


Also, I finally deleted all the messages and put all of the pictures of us away on a CD. I reset my phone to start over. He text me tonight because he had a question for my parents. But instead of answering it, or even directing him to them, I ignored it and deleted it! I feel so good!


Also, adding to my new leaf would be the fact that I am going back to school in a few days. I am taking new classes with new teachers. I am adding a major and a minor. I want to start working towards an internship in DC as well as my study abroad plans. I also got the job at that popular clothing store I blogged about the other day.


For the past few weeks, I’ve gone through a lot of change. I lost my boyfriend/best friend who I was used to being in my life for the better part of three years. The human body doesn’t like change. Mine didn’t like it. However, change can be good for the soul. And, I’m proud and excited to say that my soul is feeling a lot better now that I’ve turned this new leaf in my life!